Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nothing Important

My Avs are playing the Canucks tonight, so it should be a very good game. They are tied in the standing for the Northwest division. My boys played well Monday night against the Flames and I am hoping that they will take that in to tonight's game. It would be nice to leap frog past them in the standings, I do so enjoy when they beat Vancouver.

I am in the middle of reading a series by S M Stirling. In it, some outside force strikes the Earth with what seems to be a type of EMP, only along with electrical power, it also knocks out combustion on an explosive level and gas pressure on any usable mechanical levels. It got me thinking about what would I do, where would I go? Would I be smart or sentimental? My parents live 220 miles from me in Nebraska. There is good farming there and lots of space, but not a lot of wild game. Some deer and pheasant. Would the mountains be better? I live in the foot hills of the Rockies, so would that be a better choice. My father has guns, but they are now useless. But if my brothers and their families all grouped together, I think that we would stand a better chance than most. One brother is a cop, one brother is a former farmer, my other half has worked construction for 15 years. My dad and the cop are both ex-military. I think that these are all advantages that would help us survive. I don't know what I could contribute, I'm a bookworm. What would I have to offer? I know I'd work hard and I know I could help, but I don't think there is a specialty that I could offer to a none electronic world. I am sort of a jack of all trades and master of none kind of person. But reading a book like that does make you think, what would I do? Where would I go? Would I take action soon enough rather than waiting around for someone to fix what's wrong. Just meanderings of the mind today. Nothing special.

I would recommend the series to those who enjoy a good adventure. Dies the Fire is the first in the series.

Go Avs!

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