Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Okay, first things first. I haven't posted since the NHL trade deadline so I have to go a little crazy over Peter Forsberg, Adam Foote and Ruslan Salei. It's so wonderful to see Peter and Adam back in maroon I can't even say. There's a little dream floating around Denver of Roy becoming the GM and Bourque taking over the coaching reigns. Wouldn't that be exquisite? Avs fans are excitedly looking forward to each game as we inch our way to the #1 spot in the Northwest Division.

Now that I have hockey out of my system, some things have been percolating that need to be poured out. Is anyone else really terrified how the United States and ancient Rome are being compared. The ancient Romans quickly rose to be the dominant force in the ancient world. The United States is the world power after only 232 years of becoming an independent nation. We are over-extending ourselves in every way, financially and militarily. It seems that after the intense patriotism following 9/11, the pendulum has swung to self-indulgent rejection of reality. Decadence is now a way of life instead of an ocassional indulgence. Corruption and indecency fills the ranks of the political leaders in charge of our future. They no longer care about the nation they serve, they only care about how they can benefit while and after they hold office. Kind of sounds like a repeat of the Roman Senate? Ringing any bells with anyone?

I don't know what to do with where we are right now. Everyone wants to bring the soldiers home from Iraq. Nice sentiment, but what happens afterwards and 50 years from now? There are consequences and if we don't do this extremely right after having made such a mess of it, we might not be able to handle the results. I'm wondering why the citizens, soldiers and media aren't banging on the doors of the State Department wondering when they are going to pull their thumb out. Shouldn't they be doing more with the Iraqi government to help them get their shit together?

I'm sure that the soldiers in Afghanistan would love to have some more support on all fronts as well. Unfortunately for them, they've turned into the ugly step-child in the GWOT, which to me is insane as this was the legitimate target out of the two.

I would like to have easy answers, but there aren't any anymore. We have become something I don't think our forefathers ever imagined. Something must be done to stop us from falling apart like the ancient Romans. And this beautiful nation becomes nothing but a fondly remembered dream.

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